Vehicle Qr codes plus

The Motor Industry Keeping Green

TagMe’s Web App for vehicles sales can enhance and add value in to your dealerships.
Customers will appreciate the exchange of “Paperless” information and know you are being “GREEN”.
Reduce Hand outs
Use that great TV advert that got your potential customers interest in the first place.
QR Codes that help sell your Cars Make selling cars an interactive experience, your customers will only benefit from.
You use the same QR Code point of sale, each time you sell a car no buying a new print for a new car.
Login to your account and change the product details, therefore changing your advert without cost of printing.

Green technology

Give your company more options to help you sell your cars.

  • Tagme’s Vehicle Web App with QR Code is ideal for vehicle sales?
  • The car shopper now has more access to information than ever before.
  • The Internet gives access to millions of new and used cars.
  • Shoppers are the empowered informational buyers in today’s modern world.

You can also use your QR Codes in customer waiting area or press ads there is no restriction in that way.
If you wanted to put a giant billboard up and run a campaign.
You use the same QR Code saving on reprints allowing you to update for the next sale.
If you dont like our QR Code stickers and have a disign of your own get in touch.
This is Direct advertising empowering the customer with the information they need.
Retailers can only benefit from aiding the buyer with the information needed to empower them in making an informed choice.

By utilizing QR codes, car dealerships are able to inform the car buyer with information on their smartphone.
This information can be saved, texted or emailed to any parties involved in the buying process, giving absent parties a virtual tour of a prospective purchase.

For dealers who are not open 7 days a week, QR codes are a great tool to capture information when no one is around. Or maybe someone has had a bad experience with car salesman and would prefer to scan the code and request more information via e-mail. Purchasing a vehicle is not an impulse buy. It’s a purchase that many research, compare, and price shop.

Utilizing QR codes can help make this research process easier for the buyer by storing the information from the Web app on thier mobile phone.