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Vehicle QR Codes

Why a QR Code Triggered Web App?

In todays modern world a QR Code can give you the ability to advertise locally at exceptionally little cost, the majority of people carry mobile phones that have the ability to scan your code, when scanned our Vehicle Web App displays in a made for mobile App, all the details they need to make an informed purchase.
You soon start to cut down on paper hand outs, the mobile web app offers users all the information on thier screens.

QR Codes for Vehicle Sales

Automobile dealerships and private car sellers must use a wide range of advertising avenues to maximize exposure for vehicle sales. Dealerships use online and offline marketing techniques to grab the attention of potential customers. Even private car sellers use the Internet to sell vehicles because of the amount of exposure online ads produce. TagMe offers additional marketing tools to help auto dealerships and private car sellers to increase potential customers and sales. But more than that its “GREEN”.

Car sellers using QR codes can give potential buyers additional information about any vehicles on the spot. Since smart phones and tablet PCs are exploding in popularity, using QR codes on vehicle sales is an effective marketing strategy.

What to Expect from Vehicle QR Codes

dealerships have the option to place QR codes on vehicles for sale on the lot. This gives potential buyers the option to scan a QR code on the windshield or window of a vehicle to obtain additional information. Potential buyers can view additional pictures and even videos that display details about a vehicle. Auto dealers can customize their vehicle QR code to display information about the year, model, make, mileage and gas mileage of a particular vehicle. Therefore, potential buyers do not have to get in touch with a salesperson to ask questions. Instead, potential buyers can acquire a significant amount of information about a vehicle before ever talking to a salesperson.

Overall Benefits of Vehicle QR Codes

  • QR Codes are reusable.
  • Analytics show real time scanning all from your account
  • They are a green alternative in replacing paper handouts
  • The option to use a scrolling text window to list in-depth details about a vehicle
  • Details can be text to third parties involved in buying process
  • Potential buyers can access contact information that includes phone numbers, cell phone numbers and email
  • The option to use Google Maps to display the specific location of a vehicle for sale
  • Potential buyers have the option to request a callback
  • Serious buyers have the option to request a test drive on a vehicle QR code landing page
  • Dealers have the option to use social networking sites on vehicle QR code landing pages, which increases exposure
  • Dealers and private sellers can display additional images, animated gif images and videos to show more information about a vehicle for sale
  • Potential buyers can view in-depth information from vehicle QR codes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Why QR Codes Increase Vehicle Sales

One of the main reasons why vehicle QR codes increase auto sales is the potential buyer’s ability to look up details about a vehicle at any time. In other words, you can look up details about a vehicle for sale, regardless if a dealer is open or closed. Potential buyers can conveniently share a particular vehicle on social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. This process will increase exposure for an auto dealership or a private car seller. Private sellers can place a vehicle QR code on their vehicle’s windshield to allow passers to look up details on the spot. The growing popularity of smart phones and tablet PCs is one of the reasons why QR codes are becoming so popular for marketing and advertising. Potential buyers can access vehicle information on the spot without the need to contact a salesperson or a private seller.

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