QR Codes Chesterfield FC Memorial Garden

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  The garden itself is dressed with placards, mosaics and boards giving information on past players the boards also embrace the new with a Qr code that when scanned shows more images and video footage of historical Spirite matches. Choosing TagMe Qr codes has allowed a younger generation to use their everyday mobile phone to capture a footballing moment in …

QR code tools

QR Codes New Tools

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There is a new way to do business online and our TagMe QR codes are leading this marketing revolution. Why not choose a new and easy way of leading the market? Check our free dynamic QR codes now and join the TagMe revolution! QR codes are not what they used to be; instead, they now have become a great interactive …

5 Reasons To Use TagMe

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TagMe offer more than just a QR code! TagMe offer more than just a Web App! We offer a complete self-managed system for you to advertise from! Advertising in the real world is an art in itself, digitally enhanced images great posters, eye catching packaging. But there is more to the product than can be shown in this way. Using …