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Vehicle Sales QR Codes

£20per annum
£20per annum
  • QR codes are your forecourt Sleeping Salesmen
  • With Images,Video,Discription and Test drive request functions

Forecourt Trader

£20per annum
£20per annum
  • A QR code window cling will help inform your customers on all aspects of the selected vehicle
  • For use with company name does not use LOGO.

Forecourt trader plus

£20per annum
£20per annum
  • The QR Code will show vehicle details as well as your Logo and contact information.
  • Forecourt trader plus use with company LOGO

Q.  How do I change my QR Code details?

A.  Login to your account click “Select the serial number in the Available products update information dropbox” update any detail you wish.

On changing details other than image press save.


Q. How do I change my image?

A. LoginAccountFrom drop down menu goto selected serial number under image place holder “chose file” select the image from your divice. click “OPEN” Once chosen the file will upload click “SAVE”


Q. How do I change the image on my Vehicle QR Code Forecourt trader?

A. See above answer!


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