QR Codes for Local advertising

QR Codes Improve Local Advertising

QR codes, also known as “Quick Response Codes,” first came on the scene in the automobile industry. Vehicle and car part manufacturers rely on QR codes to track and manage all vehicles and parts, which simplified a company’s logistical strategies. Today, QR codes are revolutionizing the way businesses and the general public connects with one another. TagMe has capitalized on the advantages QR codes provide business owners, real estate agents, automobile dealerships, and many other industries by offering additional convenient solutions for effective advertising. The growing popularity of smartphones and tablets is creating a more effective marketing environment for small-business owners and large corporations.

Why Local Business Owners Use QR Codes

Today’s business owner has many challenges to overcome, thanks to the increased technology producing new marketing avenues. New studies shows the majority of Internet users spend time looking up information about local businesses. In fact, many experts say 2013 is the year for responsive Web design because of the amount of people who prefer using smartphones for online shopping and researching local businesses. Giving smart phone users the ability to look up details about a local business by simply scanning a QR code is a smart move. TagMe give business owners and the general public the option to share their contact information in a comprehensible manner. Furthermore, QR codes help increase online buzz as well.

Customizing Your QR Code

Standing out among competitors is a top priority for business owners, regardless of industry. TagMe provide customizable settings to give you various options on how to set up your Qr code. For instance, you have the option to post an image or an animated gif to grab the attention of a potential customer. Below your image, you can add contact information Google maps for directions straight to your door. You can post your website’s homepage your email or your mobile and business number. At the bottom of your Qr code page, you can choose which social networking sites you would like visitors to access. By using QR codes for advertising purposes, a business can experience increased exposure online.

QR codes are not what they used to be; instead, they now have become a great interactive tool that can be accessed from smartphones anywhere and at anytime. Whether you are raising money for a charitable event, planning a social activity, or advertising products and services, our Dynamic QR codes are definitely proof that great things come in small packages.

These small fact-filled codes contain more information than could ever be found in a print ad. A code can virtually be placed anywhere and on anything, then with the quick scan of a phone those accessing the code can watch videos, access information, see photos, research details, and basically learn anything you want them to know about the business or activity.

Here at TagMe, we provide Dynamic QR codes for social and commercial use that offer easy contact sharing. With a QR code from us, the visitor not only learns about the business or event, they can get instructions for how to get there. The code can include a Google map with directions.

Our Dynamic codes are updatable, which means that you can change or update information so the code can be used continuously. Do you want to include a video? You are in the right place. Tagme was the first company to embed video into the codes. With YouTube-embedded video, you can enter product details or show past events in order to spark the attention of the users.

For effective yet affordable advertising, go with the technological choice that will get a response. With the majority of the population having smartphones and enjoying using them, it is time for your business to take advantage of the opportunity by allowing us to develop the perfect QR code for your operations.

Don’t you think it’s time to get connected? Connect yourself, connect your business, connect your customers with your very own Dynamic QR code – the possibilities are endless. QR codes are a fun way to stay connected. Customers find using QR codes to be fun and informative, so take the next step in getting the response your business deserves.

Regardless of the nature of your business, you can definitely benefit from our Dynamic QR codes. Just a small square box filled with small black squares can go a long way in today’s world. Contact us at TagMe so we can work with you on your project.

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