QR Codes Marketing and Promotions

Promotion QR Codes have a wide variety of uses – the only things holding that back is your own imagination. Promotions and Marketing

Our QR Codes offer the best way to promote your business. If you are a business that uses flyers or magazine or newspaper ads, then a TagMe QR Codes would be a fantastic tool for you to use, it’s not just print to paper. You are allowing a potential client to interact with your business. All our QR Codes have analytic tracking. Including World map, City scanned as well as device used, all from your account page.

Analytics Screenshot

By scanning the QR Code the user can directly access your website, direct dial you for enquires or sales, see any images or videos associated with your product. The map directions can also navigate a user directly to your outlet or venue using Google maps.

There is no looking up, searching, or writing down just scan and tap. In an informed society the best way to get ahead is to inform.

Promotional QR Codes.

Some examples

Used for tourist information will put your place of interest in the front line of places to visit. Not only can you show images but video as well. The map locator is Google maps so any tourist can follow either walking or driving.

click link promotional QR code Holiday home

Theatre front of house.

click link promotional QR code Theatre

What better way to add a short scene to a QR Code and all other relevant data, then print your QR code on a poster. Direct booking, curtain up times and of course map directions.

 heater masks

All our QR Codes are completely editable so any changes or new products, productions etc. Can be changed on the fly without any reprints.

They can be used to promote your band, concert, game, brand name, latest album, nightclub or event.

click link promotional QR code Concert/Gig

You keep the same QR Code making poster prints easy you just change the address for the Next venue location or any other info that is relevant.

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