QR code Product Types

There are different ways of managing your QR code Web App product:

Free QR Codes:

Free QR Codes are free for personal use and can be updated with your own content at any time.
Simply login and upload your display photo and any contact details you wish to share.

Commercial products

All Commercial products are updatable and active for 12 mth. after which a £30 administration fee is charged for the second 12 months if you wish to use the update service for your QR code.


Your account will continue to be open and reactivation is possible from within your account page anytime after your active account has expired.

Bespoke QR codes

The QR code data is not dynamic – the data you choose initially is embedded directly into the QR code and can never be changed. This has the advantage of not needing to be online to access the data within the QR code.

To see available products, please use the links below: