How It Works

Print QR codes

qr-code-property-example Chose a QR code product that suits your needs, we have categorised products to best show examples of how you can use a QRtise, QR Code but that does not mean a product classed has example “Property QR Code” would not suit hotel accommodation, holiday home or even an event that needs a price displaying. But for our sample we will just show the web app used for estate agents for sale boards.
The QR code can be repinted and placed on posters,flyers, newspapers it’s your code.
There is no redirection all the links for sites or social media pages are within the web app.

Control your adverts

Your account page is designed to be extremly user frendly. You can upload images video’s embed Youtube videos add any contact details and lots more.


However you advertise by placing your QR code on your advert you have just made it a real time techno device.
Movie posters can show images and video clips and without leaving your app page they can link to online booking or call to book direct.

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