Free QR Code

What Makes TagMe Special?

TagMe offers Free QR Codes in two primary formats. The first format allows users to add contacts on their smart phone or tablet PC.

The “add to contacts” function gives a user the ability to download a vCard to save contact information directly to their phonebook.

The second format does not include the option to add contacts.

Instead, users can use the second format to upload gif and ordinary images. Users also have the option to share their images as well. Sharing images and information through text allows for more exposure. TagMe focuses on call-to-action functions. For instance, users can send, receive, and share contact information directly with social networking sites.

Benefits of Free QR Codes by TagMe.

  • Sharing Mobile phone numbers and landline numbers
  • The ability to share a specific location using Google Maps
  • The option to share email contact information
  • Sharing a website’s homepage
  • The visitor’s ability to add contacts directly to their smartphone
  • Sharing and connecting with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social networks
  • Free tracking for commercial products
  • The option to update and make changes to your code continuously


Come in two formats one with an add to contacts function,this will download a vcard onto your mobile phone which is saved to your phone book.
The second option will not add to contacts but enables you to upload and share your favorite gif images or if you choose just an ordinary image.
Both options are fully functional with call to action functions, meaning you can call direct go to google maps for directions email or hook up to social network sites from the landing page.
Both options can be texted which makes sharing your digital contact profile even more easy.

For mobile phones view follow this QR CODE VIEW link to see what your page could look like. QR CODE VIEW WITH GIF

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