5 Reasons To Use TagMe

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TagMe offer more than just a QR code! TagMe offer more than just a Web App!
We offer a complete self-managed system for you to advertise from!
Advertising in the real world is an art in itself, digitally enhanced images great posters, eye catching packaging.
But there is more to the product than can be shown in this way.
Using TagMe and our QR Code trigger you take a customer into a new dimension from your physical advert.

TagMe bring you content

A simple QR Code placed on your advert can bring content and connections in a instant.
From your personal account page you upload images and video to give your potential buyers an informed view.
You add textual content to explain and market your services and products.


The Mobile phone App allows one touch connection.
All your telephone connections are on touch button. No need for users to try and find a way to get in touch, it’s there at their fingertip.

Link your Website

Again if you want a user to go to your website just place the link in your account page and it becomes part of the scanned web App. With one touch functions.
No searching, no competition adds just a direct link.

Social media

Social Media is becoming more and more relevant to today’s businesses. A good product has a strong following; we take advice from other uses and their experiences.
Tagme QR Code Web App allows you to place all your social media pages links for one touch connection direct from the relevant icon.

Simply The Best

There is no faster all in one Web App that can do so much for so little. Your QR code can be printed on all your products and scanned on any mobile platform. It’s instantly updated to show any changes you wish one code does all!

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